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The story behind the shot – Whisky on wood

After nearly two weeks we’ve recovered from Covid – 19 and I’ve been doing some product photography.

This was shot using natural light at ISO 100 (the lower the ISO the higher the image quality), f16 at 1 second. I focussed on the letters on the front of the glass and used the small aperture of f16 to keep the back of the glass in focus. If you’re working at close distances even a small aperture doesn’t give that much depth of field.

I set the white balance to cloudy to enhance the colour of the whisky.

No whisky was consumed, before, during, or even after the taking, of this shot

If you’d like any free advice with indoor photography (given that this is where most of us are spending most of our time at the moment) message me, give me a ring or drop me an email; I’d be happy to help.


glass of whisky

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