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Photography Training

If you have a camera and aren’t sure how to get the best from it I’ll take you through the features and explain

  • Why and how you should use semi-automatic and manual modes rather than fully automatic
  • Shutter speed, aperture and ISO, what they are, the relationship between them and how to get creative
  • What colour temperature and white balance are and how best to use them
  • Focussing modes and when to use manual focussing rather than auto
  • The different types of light
  • The essential filters and how and when to use them
  • The rules of composition and the colour wheel

This information links together to give you the fundamental elements to enable you to control your camera and become a better photographer.

One thing worth stressing here is it’s absolutely not about the gear!

Even basic cameras are capable of taking high-quality photographs. What counts is how you use the equipment that you have.

Training is on a one to one basis which means that you can ask me anything at any time and for all of the areas above it can take up to a full day. You get a series of work sheets to keep for reference and I bring my equipment so that I can demonstrate and you can practice. It’s interactive and fun! The price is £250.00 (plus expenses if outside the Sheffield area).

If however you’d just like training in one or some of the areas listed I’m happy just to cover those so you don’t have to commit to the full day.

If you’re like me and learn best from talking to a real person and doing rather than reading through instruction manuals or looking at Youtube, I’d be happy to help. Please get in touch.

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