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The story behind the shot – St Davids Cathedral

st davids cathedral

I took this picture in June last year. I thought I’d share it for a couple of reasons (three if you include the fact that I like it anyway).

There were a lot of people around, many of whom were taking pictures of what was in front of them without considering what was in the frame in addition to the Cathedral (generally other people, pushchairs etc ) so they were really just snaps recording where they were at the time.

I did a couple of things to get the shot that was is my head.

The first was to walk away from the cathedral until a car that was parked in front of it to the left was obscured by the wall. It also meant that I could use the wall (and indeed the wall on the right and the path itself) as lead in lines.

The second thing was to wait until there were no people in the frame. It took a few minutes for this to happen and even then there were only a few seconds to take the picture  before people reappeared.

These two points are part of taking control of our photography and they, together with other photography fundamentals, allow us to previsualise a picture and then take the necessary steps to get that picture in digital and/or print form.

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