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The story behind the shot – A car, a sunset and a couple of lights

I’d been meaning to do this for a while and finally got round to it last week. Shame I left the Ferrari in the garage  😉

All I needed was a layby with a decent sunset behind it, a flash car (my Ford Focus – obviously!)😉, a couple of flashguns on lightstands oh! and no or very little breeze. I had weighed the stands down but best to be safe, it gets expensive when flashguns hit the ground!

I put the camera on a tripod, and composed the shot, exposing for the sky. The lights were placed just out of shot in front of and to either side of the car and metered to suit.

If you’d like a similar shot of your own car, do get in touch, I’d be happy to help.

Camera settings by the way were 200 ISO, f11 at 1/10 second.


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