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Portrait lighting styles – Broad Lighting

The latest in my series of portrait lighting techniques. As usual, this shot is straight out of camera and it’s in black and white so you can see the light pattern more clearly.

Broad lighting is when the subjects face is slightly turned away from centre and the side of the face which faces the camera (is broader) is in the light. This type of lighting makes the face look broader or wider so it’s best used on someone with a slim face.

I placed one light to the left of the camera at an angle of about 45 degrees and then turned my head slightly to the left so that more of the right side was lit.

Camera settings were 200 ISO, f8 at 1/125 second with the power of the light metered to suit.

If you’d like any free advice with indoor photography (given that this is where most of us are spending most of our time at the moment) do get in touch; I’d be happy to help.


broad lighting

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