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Antony Baker

Ask me anything!

Well, when I say ‘anything’, I mean anything about photography. If you asked me to explain the principles of quantum mechanics there’d probably be a long silence followed by “Errr…” and you’d hear the frantic tapping of keys whilst I googled it! 😉

welder welding

Website, drone/video and photography packages

I’m collaborating with Scott England of Web&Go and Paul Stinson of Hovaloft to provide high quality websites, videos and images that help businesses to promote their products and services.

photography training

Another photography training day

I love doing these. I really enjoy helping people to understand the technical aspects of photography and get creative. It’s all about taking control of the camera and not leaving the result to chance. One of the benefits of this type of training is the instant, two way communication that takes place. It means that I can tailor the training specifically to the needs of the client. If you’re like me and learn best from talking to a real person and doing rather than reading through instruction manuals or looking at Youtube, I’d be happy to help.

stanage edge

Bespoke Greeting Cards

I recently provided three designs for bespoke greetings cards for Stephen Dawson Financial Planning, one of which is below in the order of front of card, inside front and back of card, leaving the inside back of the card blank for handwritten messages.

deb leonard tropic

A Shoot with a Tropic(al) Twist

I recently worked with Deb Leonard on a photoshoot for her business, Deb Leonard Tropic. At the planning session Deb talked me through some ideas and I added my suggestions.

dog jumping

The story behind the shot – A lowflying Wilf

There’s a steep field near us on which Wilf loves to do ‘Zoomies’, which is a term for when dogs run at top speed in largish circles because they’re happy, apparently. Wilf does these a lot, so I guess this must be a good thing.