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dog jumping

The story behind the shot – A lowflying Wilf

There’s a steep field near us on which Wilf loves to do ‘Zoomies’, which is a term for when dogs run at top speed in largish circles because they’re happy, apparently. Wilf does these a lot, so I guess this must be a good thing.

chess match

The story behind the shot – Lockdown Chess

There was a deep seated, long standing grudge. We knew each other well. It was a hard fought match. I seemed to know every move that my opponent made even before he made it. He seemed to know mine. It was almost as if we could read each other minds – spooky!

gin and tonic

The story behind the shot – G and T reflections

This was taken on a black acrylic board with a white one as the background. Since the bottle was blue I lit the shot using a flashgun with blue gel to the left of the camera. I placed a silver reflector opposite the flashgun to lift the shadows on the right hand side.

rembrandt lighting

Portrait Lighting Styles -Bringing It All Together

In seven previous posts I’ve gone through different lighting techniques for portraits. For the final post in this series I thought I’d post the seven images together so that you can more easily see the differences between them. This may seem a good idea but the downside is that they’re all of me. That’s lockdown for you!


Portrait Lighting Styles -Short Lighting

The penultimate in my series of portrait lighting techniques. As usual this shot is straight out of camera and it’s in black and white so you can see the light pattern more clearly.